What are the top 10 real estate investment strategies for generating income through commercial property leasing?

1. Buy and Hold: Purchasing commercial property and holding onto it for a period of time, leasing it out to tenants for rental income.

2. Lease-to-Own: Offering tenants the option to lease with the intention of purchasing the property in the future usually allows for a higher rent payment.

3. Multifamily Investments: Investing in apartment buildings or other multi-unit properties, leasing out individual units in order to generate stable rental income.

4. Triple Net Leases: Leasing commercial property to tenants who pay for the majority of operating expenses such as taxes, insurance, and maintenance.

5. Build to Suit: Developing commercial properties that are pre-leased to tenants on long-term leases, allowing for a stable stream of income.

6. Sale-Leaseback: Selling a commercial property to an investor for a lump sum and then leasing the property back, generating rental income while retaining operations in the building.

7. Rent Re-Negotiation: Re-negotiating leases with tenants to update pricing when a lease ends or for longer contract periods.

8. Buy Value-Add Properties: Purchasing undervalued properties, adding value to them through renovation or development, and leasing them out for higher value than purchase price.

9. Joint Ventures: Partnering with other investors to purchase and operate commercial properties, sharing the costs and profits.

10. Vacation Rentals: Leasing properties through vacation home services such as Airbnb or VRBO to generate rental income.