What are some common electrical issues and how can I fix them myself?

1. Tripped circuit breaker – If the breaker trips frequently, it might be due to a faulty appliance or overloaded electrical circuit. Simply resetting the breaker should fix the issue.

2. Flickering lights – This could be due to a loose or defective bulb or a faulty electrical connection. You can try tightening the bulb or replacing it with a new one to fix this issue.

3. Electrical outlet not working – Check if the circuit breaker is on and if the outlet is properly plugged. If these don’t work, use a voltage tester to check if there’s any current flowing, and if not, you may have to replace the outlet.

4. Overloaded circuits – This happens when too many high-power devices are plugged into the same circuit. To fix it, unplug some of the devices or spread them across different circuits.

5. Electrical shocks – If you get an electric shock when touching an appliance or outlet, it’s best to turn off the power to that area of the house immediately and call an electrician to fix it.

Remember, if you’re not comfortable with electrical work or the problem seems complex, always call a licensed electrician. Safety should be your priority.